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Wira PERKASA Malaysia Cabar Pihak Pembangkang Mengusulkan Dalam Parlimen Isu Lesen Judi Bola Sepak Piala Dunia

Friday, May 21, 2010

he latest one to join the anti-gambling bandwagon is none other than the non-partisan Malay right's NGO, Perkasa. However their anti-gambling sentiment does not just stop at the recently legalised football betting by the Government, but it extends to all forms of gambling. Think casinos and gaming companies and you may just get the picture Perkasa is painting.

In short, Perkasa is urging for the abolishment of any form of laws which makes gambling legal inMalaysia. This was expressed during a press conference at their headquarters in Grand Seasons Hotel, KL at 2pm this afternoon. Chaired by Arman Azha , Youth Chief of Perkasa, the group expressed that the whole furore on gambling is insignificant if one is to solely look into the Government recent actions, which is to legalise sports betting.

In fact, the Youth Wing stressed that the Malaysian Government, particularly UMNO had never legalised gambling but it was the laws passed in Parliament which makes gambling possible and ‘halal' in the country. Whether their statement sounds contradictory or otherwise, that is another issue altogether hence there is no need to dwell on it. The crux is the Youth wing expressed that the existence of two laws makes gambling possible in the country. The acts in question are the Betting Act 1953 and the Pool Betting Act 1967.

According to Arman, the many voices of concern pertaining to this gambling issue will not make any difference simply because a greater political influence is required in order to completely do away with gambling, betting and what have you.

"Yes we are aware that parties like PAS, PKR and DAP are expressing their dissatisfaction towards the recent move by the Government but that is not enough. If they are really against such move then they should exercise their role as a political and a people's rep to voice it out during Parliamentary hearing," said Arman.

When asked if he is solely targeting on the component parties with the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, Arman refuted such claims by saying that this also goes to the Barisan Nasional component parties. He further added that non-Malay parties like MCA, MIC and DAP can pressure the Government to revoke the licence.

"So far, what we see is, they (PR) are not doing anything constructive. All they do is to talk and talk. Even we can do that. What we want is a clear stand and a constructive action. If they say no to this legalised sports betting then they should also say no other forms of gambling."

Arman did stress that they are not against the PR members for their vocal displeasure, but what he or rather the Perkasa Youth would want is for them (PR) or any other parties for that matter, to stop politicising this issue and using this as an avenue to gain political mileage.

"You are an MP so go to Parliament and do what you should be doing. Say no in the Parliament instead of conducting protests and carrying out press conferences," added Arman.

When asked whether if Perkasa's President, Datuk Ibrahim Ali will use his political position and voice out the displeasure in Parliament, Arman said it can be done however Ibrahim Ali is an Independent MP (Pasir Mas) and generally an Independent MP's voice is smaller in the sense that coalitions have the added advantage.

Perkasa has gathered a sizeable number of signatures of people who wants the licence to be revoked, for a petition which will then be handed over to the Government, particularly to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Enclosed will also be a memorandum from the Perkasa Youth members stating their points with regards to gambling.

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Kami juga seluruh jentera Wira PERKASA Malaysia senada dengan Ketua Wira Saudara Armand dalam isu Lesen Judi ini. Dan kami juga berharap agar pihak Kerajaan dapat menarik semula kelulusan Lesen Judi Piala Dunia memandangkan bukan sedikit rakyat yang membantah namun boleh di katakan seluruh dunia Islam juga membantah hal ini.

Jika benar Rakyat Di Dahulukan dalam konsep 1 Malaysia maka Denyut Nadi rakyat yang ada inilah juga perlu di beri keutamaan.

Jangan kerana ingin menjaga Pihak lain, maka kami umat Islam terutama nya Melayu di pinggirkan.



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